Japanese Croquette

Cuisine: Japanese  |   Prep Time: 40 minutes  |  Cook Time: 30 minutes   |   Serve: 3 to 5 persons

Croquette is a Japanese potato snack that is usually sold in udon restaurant or in streets in Japan. It’s a delicious snack coated in bread crumbs and deep-fried into perfect that is loved by everyone!
This snack may look intimidating, but I’ve made an easy recipe on how to make Japanese Croquette. You can make them beforehand and store it in the freezer, enjoy whenever you want!

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Gyudon (Japanese Beef Bowl)

 Cuisine: Japanese   |   Prep Time: 15 minutes  |  Cook Time: 20 minutes   |   Serve: 2 – persons

Another new and simple recipe, to cope with boredom at home! It’s definitely not easy in our current era where there is an abundance to do out there. But! I think we are all really grateful to have a roof over our heads with Netflix and Youtube, thanking all the medical personnel and essential service workers for keeping our world in control! Stay safe and Thank you.


Stir Fry Soba Noodles



Cuisine: Japanese   |   Prep Time: 10 minute   |   Cook Time: 15 minutes   |   Serve: 1-2 persons

Do you know what is my worst vice? Gluttony. I am feeling really chubby this week. Food is like a drug to me, I just kept wanting more and more. I eat when I’m happy and sad. Food gives me comfort, but I do sometimes regret after the late night full meal supper or a whole bar of chocolates and a tub of ice cream. It’s very fascinating or confusing which ever you prefer that human being eat based on their mood. With all the junk food and late night supper, suddenly my appetite crave for vegetables or healthy dish. Therefore, I introduce you the Stir Fry Soba Noodles.